After Easter came Mother’s Day,
More Snow…and a visit from

IMG_0103He strutted and gobbled as he watched over his Turkey Girls
IMG_0001Looking just as handsome in the rear view.
IMG_0101As the temperature plummeted to 15 degrees,
Hummingbirds suck in the freezing sugar water
IMG_0018 Black-headed Grossbeak wait their turn at the feeder

IMG_0075And a deflated Tom runs through 8″ of snow to find a warm roost for the night.
IMG_0086A bright May sunrise highlights 13,161 foot high Wheeler Peak’s May snowfall.
IMG_0001After the snow melts here at 9,000 feet, Big Tom returns to Eaglefire
to strut in the sunshine.  He doubles in size as he displays every single feather, showing off his blue and red face and neck, and gobbling out the message that these are his hens and this, Eaglefire, is his territory.
IMG_0016He is unbelievably tame, becoming quite tolerant of our sharing HIS home ground.
He and his hens spend most of every day within our sight.
In these photos he is only 10 feet or so off the deck.
When I “gobble” him, he “gobbles” me back.
IMG_0013IMG_0012Now that the Buttercups are up
Can Spring be far behind?



4 thoughts on “BIG TOM

  1. The turkeys here flee if you’re within a few hundred yards of them. Very cool that yours have no fear of you.
    It’s hard for me to get my head around 15 degrees and 8 inches of snow, in late May. When it erupts, you’re going to have a beautiful spring. 🙂

    • Rain for three days, 37 degree low at night, warm sun peaking through highlights new snow on 13,000 ft. Wheeler Peak, Rocky Mountain Iris coming up…all predict a spring of wildflowers. Can’t wait.

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