Spring in the high country of Northern New Mexico
brings sudden, unexpected changes in weather, flora and fauna.
Always filled with surprises.

IMG_0014An Easter Visit from the Turkey Girls was the first surprise.  The one we call “Poor-Pitiful” for her fate at the bottom of the pecking order, was the first to appear at the door in full begging mode.
Although they had not graced us with a visit since the first shows of December, shy they were not.

IMG_0052Feeling at home and wasting no time, they went right for the expensive wild bird seed.
Our hens are now a year old, ready to mate, lay eggs and raise poults. So, I was pleasantly surprised at their return, but not surprised when their brief visit was cut short by an insistent “Gobble” from a big Tom calling them to follow him away into the woods.

IMG_0002Tom strutted around displaying for full effect before bustling them off down the trail.

The first of several Easter Weekend Snows surprised us the next morning.

IMG_0120Out early to feed the birds, I was soon joined by the Turkey Girls

IMG_0104who seemed to accept the snow as a normal Spring-time occurrence.

IMG_0023Seems we have been adopted by five Turkey Girls who are here to stay.
We look forward to Spring-in-earnest with wild flower blooms and baby turkey visitors.

Between Spring snows, nestled deep in the grass, out of the cold winds
we find delicate, pastel blooms of Pasque flowers.

Always a surprise.


6 thoughts on “EASTER SURPRISES

  1. Jan your pictures are amazing! Our spring treat is a nest full of squeaking baby bluebirds. Not as dramatic as wild turkeys but all wild and wonderful. Thanks for sharing

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